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Keeping our children safe is our highest priority. In assemblies, we often talk about children needing these things first, in order to learn well:


Safeguarding children statement

At Lodge Farm Primary School the health, safety and well-being of all of our children is our highest priority.  Parents and carers send their children to our school each day, trusting us to provide a secure environment in which their children will flourish.  We do everything we can to ensure that this expectation is a reality in our school. 

Child protection/safeguarding

  • The Designated Senior Leads (DSLs) are:

    • Angie Smith 
    • Alexa Simpson
    • Mary Bull
  • The Chairs of Governors are Debbie Nash and Emma Hone.

There is a detailed Child Protection Policy, which is available on request. It is the Governing Body’s duty to ensure the policy is reviewed annually and any deficiencies within the policy addressed immediately.

Governors and all staff have had appropriate child protection/safeguarding training, which is updated at least every three years.  DSLs have further training and all staff have undergone Prevent training.  All staff receive regular updated safeguarding information. 

Prevent Strategy

Protecting pupils form risk of radicalisation is part of the schools' overall safeguarding responsibilities. All staff have completed Prevent training. Further information can be found in our Child Protection Policy. Further information about protecting children from radicalisation and extremism can be found below.