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Safe Behaviour

This page outlines our approach to pupil behaviour and safety.


Good behaviour is essential in any community, and we have high expectations. Our policy shows our strong emphasis on positive approaches, but also our clear boundaries in responding to behaviour choices that threaten the learning, well-being or safety of others.

Our definition of bullying is: Several Times On Purpose - STOP

The school’s response to this is unequivocal. We do not tolerate bullying in our school community, and as soon as we are aware of an issue we act promptly and effectively. Adults must be informed immediately and action will be taken. If any child tells us that they feel they are being bullied, they know that we will support them and deal with the problem very quickly. Although bullying in this school is rare the school always acts swiftly with a process of investigation, communication and action.  For more information, see our Behaviour for Learning Policy.

Physical intervention

This school follows advice that physical intervention may be used if there is the possibility that a child may be about to cause harm to him/herself or to another. We have a Reducing Physical Intervention Policy. On no occasion will any form of physical contact be used as a punishment. All allegations of abuse by or complaints about a teacher will be dealt with following clear procedures, initially by the headteacher. For any complaints about the headteacher, the Chair of Governors should be contacted directly.