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Meet the year 6 staff:


Mrs Randall - Assistant Head and 6R class teacher
Ms Swash - Setting teacher
Ms Murray - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Bloxham - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Fox - Teaching Assistant

SATs Information Evening Presentation



Thursday 7th June 2018


Our last full day at Rookesbury Park has been another great day. We had been looking forward to the disco all week and it was fantastic. We all joined in with the dance routines that we had practised during our 'dance mania' session and, finally, enjoyed hot chocolate on the lawn before heading to bed.


Tomorrow we will have our final activity and will then be heading home... see you then!

Thursday at Rookesbury Park

Thursday at Rookesbury Park 1
Thursday at Rookesbury Park 2

Wednesday 6th June 2018


A beautiful sunny day here at Rookesbury Park and we have had a great time fencing, shooting arrows in archery and building fires and forts during our survival course.


We are all looking forward to the disco tomorrow night and have stocked up at the tuck shop!

Wednesday at Rookesbury Park

Rookesbury Park - Tuesday 5th June 2018


We have had a brilliant start to our week here and the children are definitely all ready for a good night's sleep tonight following our 'Run Around Quiz' tonight!


Last night we all enjoyed marshmallows around the campfire and then began our day with the groups carrying out a range of different activities. Kayaking appears to be a strong favourite at the moment and plenty of fears have been conquered during the abseil.


We are all looking forward to Wednesday - more photos to come!





Rookesbury Park


We have arrived! The weather improved as we got closer and after a lovely lunch in the sun, the children enjoyed their first activities. More photos to come tomorrow so stay tuned! 

Rookesbury Park

Rookesbury Park 1



We have been studying evolution and inheritance in science and part of that is looking at fossils. We have learnt how fossils are made and then copied the process to create our own fossils. We used clay, plaster of Paris and the imprint of a shell. It took us a long time to excavate them whilst trying not to damage our fossil. 

Parliament Week - A visit from Stevenage MP, Stephen McPartland

Chocolate Workshop


As part of our topic on the Americas, we have been studying the Mayan civilisation and, of course, they are famous for the discovery of the cacao bean - chocolate! 


We were very lucky to have 'The Melting Pot' come in to school to carry out a workshop based all around chocolate, including its history, geography and the science behind chocolate tempering. We created our own chocolate lollies and worked in groups to create a company to advertise and sell chocolate bars.


As you can see, we found the workshop very interesting and tasty!

6S Totem Poles

Crucial Crew


We had a fantastic time at Crucial Crew. We learnt all about how to keep ourselves safe in different situations, such as: identifying fire hazards, electricity hazards, how to be safe around dogs, railway safety and more. For example, we learnt that it isn't safe to walk along whilst looking at your phone - we had to try and cross a pretend road while looking at our phone and it didn't go very well! Most of us found the holograms of people who had not been safe around electricity very disturbing and it has meant that we will definitely not make any of the mistakes those people made!


A big thanks to Crucial Crew - we had a great afternoon and learnt a lot.


6S Aztec Bead Jewellery Making

Year 6 Curriculum Overview

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If your child loses their home learning then they can find spare copies in the Home Learning English and Maths trays in the classroom if they are not posted below.