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These pages will share some of the exciting learning taking place in Year 5, support you in your learning and provide you with activities that link to our learning, which you may want to explore further at home.


If there is anything that you would like to see included on any of our pages, please let us know.


We look forward to spending a fun filled, action packed year with you all!


From the Year 5 team


5C teacher: Miss Causton


5PT teacher: Mrs Penfold


Yr 5 teaching assistant: Mrs Taylor


Rocket Day - November 2018

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their rocket day. Thank you to Mr Ledger from Airbus who came in to teach the children about space and rocket engineering including aerodynamics and F=MA. The children worked in groups to create their rockets based on the engineering tips they had learnt. They were scored on their teamwork, design and creativity. All the rockets were tested to see how effective they were in flight.


Congratulations to the overall winning team whose rocket flew the furthest!

5PT's odd socks for anti-bullying week

12th-16th November 2018

Picture 1

Remembrance 2018

Throughout the week, the children learnt about the Great War through discussion, finding out information about family members who fought in the World Wars, reading poetry and creating our own cinquains which tell the story of War.


In PSHE we learnt about the different feelings we experience through loss or bereavement. We used jagged, smooth and precious stones to represent our feelings and memories and created memory stones about someone who is special to us.


To commemorate the centenary of the First World War and in culmination of all our work, we created a Remembrance display which we invited the parents to view.


"People who fought in the war can die twice. Once in the war and a second time if we forget them. That's why we need to remember them."