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Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team

Head teachers

Helen Turner and Sue Padfield

Assistant Head Teachers

Alexa Simpson

Nicola Randall



Mr K Wilson

Mrs D Steer

Mrs A Hawke

​Mrs D Gallacher



Miss H Davis

Miss S Padfield

Mrs C Overall

Mrs D Jackson

Mrs K Barker


Key Stage 1

Year 1

Mrs H Sinclair

Mrs H Winwood

Mrs N Godbeer

Mrs K Archer


Year 2

Mrs A Smith

Mrs R Stevenson

Mrs L Braine

Mrs S Nation


Key Stage 2

Year 3

Miss R Ajazi

Miss A Miles

Mrs S Allinson


Year 4

Mrs C Penfold

Ms C Drummey

Miss A Nergaard

Mrs  A'Barrow

Mrs K Fieldsend


Year 5

Miss K Blundell

Miss J Brosnan

Mrs S Taylor


Year 6

Mrs N Randall

Mrs A Simpson

Mrs H Bloxham

Miss F Murray


Floating Teachers

Mrs L Jones


Year 6 setting teacher

Miss K Swash


Sports staff

Mr J Brown - Sports coach


Reprographics/Floating TA

Mrs J Munford


Office Staff

Finance and Office Manager - Mrs J Collins

Headteacher's Secretary  - Mrs J Hurn


HLTA  -  Miss F Murray, Mrs K Archer

SEND TA  -  Mrs M Bull

Family Support Worker - Mrs P Rushton

Site Manager  -  Mr C Bothma


Lunchtime Staff 

Mrs Blackburn

Miss Iacona

Mrs Guemache

Miss Allcock

Mrs Woodard

Mrs Diaconu

Mrs Aireen


Catering Staff

Cook  -  Carly Hobson

Assistant Cook  -  Sheila Chattey

Kitchen Staff  -  Janice Marshall, Dawn Allen,