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Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team

Head teachers

Helen Turner

Assistant Head Teachers

Nicola Randall

Angela Smith

Jess Brosnon



Mr K Wilson

Mrs D Steer

Mrs A Hawke

​Mrs D Gallacher



Mrs Dear

Mrs Stoeri-Smith

Mrs Gearing

Mrs Jackson

Mrs Manley


Key Stage 1

Year 1

Mrs Winter

Miss Smyth

Mrs Archer

Ms Woodard

Mrs Browne

Miss Nergaard


Year 2

Mrs A Smith

Mrs R Stevenson

Mrs L Braine

Mrs S Nation


Key Stage 2

Year 3

Miss R Ajazi

Miss A Miles

Mrs J Dyson


Year 4

Miss J Brosnon

Ms L Watson

Mrs Overall


Year 5

Miss Causton

Mrs Penfold

Mrs Taylor


Year 6

Mrs K Swash

Mr S Brown

Ms N Randall

Mrs A Simpson

Miss F Murray

Mrs H Bloxham

Mrs S Fox


Sports staff

Mr J Brown - Sports coach


Reprographics/Floating TA

Mrs J Munford


Office Staff

Finance and Office Manager - Mrs J Collins

Headteacher's Secretary  - Mrs J Ambrose


HLTA  -  Miss F Murray, Mrs K Archer, Mrs S Nation, Mrs S Taylor

Inclusion Manager  -  Mrs M Bull

Family Support Worker - Mrs P Buckley

Site Managers -  Mr C Bothma, Mr K Lagerwall


Midday Supervisory Assistants 

Ms Ashworth

Mrs Blackburn

Miss Iacona

Mrs Podd

Mrs Moore
Ms Dima

Mr Du Toit

Ms Garrett

Mr Jones

Ms Ross

Ms Salter

Ms Usher

Ms Botterall

Ms Ahetay


Catering Staff

Cook  -  Carly Hobson

Assistant Cook  -  Sheila Chattey

Kitchen Staff  -  Janice Marshall, Dawn Allen,