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The document below outlines the Languages Curriculum Programme of Study.

French is the principal language taught at Lodge Farm.


EYFS and KS1 are introduced to a variety of simple words and phrases in different languages.


Key Stage 2 pupils are taught French through The Primary French Project. These materials are free and fully aligned with the KS2 Programme of Study for Languages.


The materials demonstrate how to teach the language in an age-appropriate way, to children in key stage 2, with a focus on linguistic progression and with strong links to Literacy.

They offer five 15-minute lessons to be taught each half term, with each lesson being taught twice. The lessons themselves teach vocabulary for the purpose of understanding grammar, developing pronunciation and building sentences. It is also highly recommended that during each half term the children have an opportunity to listen to a story, sing a song and learn to say a finger rhyme from memory. These additional activities will help to teach intonation and build fluency.