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Welcome to the Governor’s section at Lodge Farm Primary School.

Governing Body Information 2016 - 2017

Dear Parents


As Chair of Governors I am pleased to have this opportunity to tell you about the work of the governing body at Lodge Farm.  

The most important duty we have as a governing body is to promote high standards of educational achievement at Lodge Farm.  We do this by working closely with the senior leadership team to agree a strategic vision for Lodge Farm.  We monitor and evaluate the work of the school by reviewing the progress of pupils, the performance of the teaching body and the effectiveness of the policy framework that supports learning.  The governing body takes part in the self-evaluation of the school and responds to any improvement reports.  We also oversee how the school budget is spent and set standards for behaviour.  

Governors are able to take action and make decisions about the school because we have built our knowledge of the school through holding regular meetings, attending training and visiting the school and speaking to staff and pupils.

The governing body works together as a team to make this happen.  The governing body is made up of representatives from parents, teaching and non-teaching staff and members of the wider community. This diverse range of experience ensures a variety of views and perspectives on the school, and how it can succeed, are represented. Governors may have different professional backgrounds and experience but we have one thing in common – we are all committed to ensuring that your children thrive at Lodge Farm in an environment dedicated to making sure each child is given the opportunity to succeed. 

I initially became a parent governor because I saw serving on the governing body as a real investment in the future of both my child and the school.  I have remained a governor because I find it so rewarding.  Not only do I get to make an important contribution to the school and the education of all of the children attending Lodge Farm but I also get to work with a great team – governors, staff, the parents and, most of all, the pupils. 

The governing body recognises how important parents are to the success of the school.  We are keen to find ways to hear what you have to say about the school.  Many of you may already know the parent governors and will take the opportunity to share your ideas directly with them.  However please feel free to contact me via the school office if you want to raise any issues about the school. 


Lindsey Butterworth

Lodge Farm Chair of Governors